Color to Enhance Any Style

Permanent$40 / up

Whole Head, One Color

Root Retouch$25 / up

Evenly blend roots with ends

Foil$40 / up

Permanent lift protected with foil

Hi-Lites$40 / up

Permanent lift lighter than natural hair

Lo-Lites$25 / up

Tones down color of hair

Semi$20 / up

Color deposit lasting 6-8 weeks

Demi$25 / up

Longer lasting deposit 10-12 weeks

Season Blending$40 / up

Multi-blended colored

Color Bath$10 / up

Enhance semi-color in the shampoo

Clear Ice$12 / up

Deposits clear, hi gloss

Tip Splash$25 / up

Splash of color on short hair
All services priced upon consultation with stylist. LISTED PRICES ARE BASIC AND INCREASE ACCORDING TO LENGTH OF HAIR, PRODUCTS AND TIME INVOLVED. NO CHECKS PLEASE. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.